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Caritas Nepal’s Strategic Direction

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Objective 1

Communities pursue sustainable livelihood options for reduced poverty.


  • Enhanced nutrition and household food security.
  • Increased household income with increased investment in basic need and well-being.
  • Reduced risk and vulnerabilities for improved livelihood security.

Objective 3

People in emergency and humanitarian crisis are empowered to cope and recover from crisis and sustainably rebuild their lives and join mainstream development.


  • Survival, safety and dignity of communities in situation of humanitarian crisis is secured.
  • Affected communities are able to recover and sustainably rebuild their lives and join mainstream development.
  • Individuals and communities in difficult situation are able to cope and successfully reintegrate socio-economically with their communities.

Objective 2

Vibrant, strong and influential communities realize basic human rights, right to development and reduce disaster risks.


  •  Improved sense of social justice with better and equitable access to resources, opportunities, privilege and services.
  • Increased social inclusion with meaningful participation of the excluded groups in social system, process, community based institutions and decision making.
  • Improved peace and human security with strong social harmony and solidarity.
  • Disaster resilient communities with reduced disaster risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Access to appropriate water sanitation and hygiene facilities.

“Main Cross-cutting Measures:

Gender and Social Protection, Community Organization & Good Governance, and Mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change.Main approach is animation and participatory sectorial intervention approaches.


Human Rights and Human Dignity; equality; social justice; common good; solidarity; subsidiarity; stewardship (ecological sustainability promotion); patriotism; programmatic and operational excellence.